10 Signs Your Shih Tzu is Unhappy (NEVER IGNORE)
  • 21.07.2024
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In this video, we will talk about 10 Signs Your Shih Tzu is Unhappy, signs you should never ignore.

The dog cries along the street where he walks with his grandmother
  • 20.07.2024
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After the death of his grandmother, the loyal dog, Reminding him of his grandmother, walks the streets every day

Mother holding injured child in her mouth runs along road to find help
  • 18.07.2024
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Mother holding her injured child in her mouth, ran along the road to find help On our way to work, we came across a mother dog and a puppy by chance. She held her baby in her mouth and walked along the sidewalk. She was tired so she walked for a while and then stopped to rest with her child. She put the puppy on the sidewalk. The puppy was only a week old and very small. The puppy's body was so injured that it was almost exhausted and could only cry out loud for help. She stopped and looked at her child, tears streaming down her cheeks. Then she looked at us with a pitiful face begging for help...

Heavy rain, lost dog mother signals me to save her child
  • 17.07.2024
  • 209

Torrential rain, a stray dog mother, soaked in the rain, sought help from people, signaling for everyone to save her child!

"Goodbye Marusya!" Owners Waved at Her and Left Her, Leaving Her to Starve at the Door
  • 16.07.2024
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In November, an event occurred that would change this dog's carefree life forever.

A very angry Shih Tzu attacks
  • 15.07.2024
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This video is a perfect example of how tail wagging in dogs doesn't always mean 'happy' or 'friendly'.

With a skinny body, she waited patiently in front of the grocery store to ask for some food
  • 12.07.2024
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She waited patiently in front of the market with her skinny body to ask for food At 6 o'clock in the morning, while preparing to open the door to greet the guests, the man accidentally discovered a dog sitting and waiting obediently in front of the door. It was a grocery store and it looked like it wanted to ask for something. When she saw the man open the door, she immediately stood up and ran. The fur on her body was long and thick, covered in dirt, her body was skinny, she tried to ask the man for food. Then the man gave her some food, the woman stood up and thanked the man, took the food and left immediately. She came back to the market at 22:00 in the evening, still sitting patiently in front of the store and waiting for the man. The man brought her some food, and from that day on, the woman dragged her skinny body to the market every day to beg for food...

Dogs Refuse to Leave Owner's Side in Emergency Room
  • 11.07.2024
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After a man in Peru fell and hit his head, his two dogs jumped in the ambulance with him and wouldn't leave his side.

Faithful Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Owner
  • 11.07.2024
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Boncuk the dog waited faithfully outside a hospital where her human was being treated. It started when Boncuk witnessed her owner being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The loyal canine companion chased after the ambulance, and waited outside the doors of the facility. When her human family took her home, she busted out and went right back to the medical center. The heartwarming vigil happened in the northern Turkish city of Trabzon.

Puppy Adopted By Cat Mother | Pets Wild At Heart
  • 10.07.2024
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Love truly knows no bounds as this abandoned puppy is taken in by a mother cat.

Can your Shih Tzu Sleep with you on your Bed?
  • 06.07.2024
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Can your Shih Tzu Sleep with you on your Bed?

Make carrots you dog’s favorite chewing treat
  • 03.07.2024
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Make carrots you dog’s favorite chewing treat

Puppy Babies Nursing:
  • 01.07.2024
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proud mother with her babies